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"Desmond has successfully and professionally treated me for several sporting injuries and continue to work with me providing the support needed for my sport. He has gone the extra mile to understand the unique stresses and strains that discuss throwing puts on the body, his wide breadth of experience has been invaluable in this.

I would strongly recommend Desmond to anyone with any injury regardless of whether you compete at amateur level or in world class. I look forward to continuing to work with Desmond throughout my athletics career".

Tom Norman - International Discus Thrower

"Being a 66-year-old squash player, having spent the last 10 years suffering from a right knee problem.

Last January 07 I was scheduled for a knee operation, that is to say a new knee.  The Epson hospital suggested that I should make sure I do as much a pre-op therapy as possible.  For this I was recommended by a satisfied client to Desmond to seek his help.  I have to say that it was the best advice, and best decision I have made for a long time.  The pre-op therapy proved to be fantastic, with a result.  I was on my feet and at home, walking without aid within 48 hours of my operation.  I immediately resumed post-op therapy with Desmond, which has also proved fantastic. Desmond is a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Sports Injury Rehabilitation graduate, he is hard-working and enthusiastic offering knowledge and experience beyond his age. Nothing is too much trouble in his quest to get results.  I know of no client that has not been satisfied with his work.

I am very happy to recommend Desmond to all my friends, with Desmond you get what you pay for, plus".

  Bob McCreery


 "Desmond's intuitive approach to physiotherapy combined with his extensive knowledge ensures amazing results. Simply put, he is now the only sports physiotherapist I need to see. Highly recommended".

Dan Edwardes - Owner Parkour Generations, UK. www.parkourgenerations.com


"Thanks to his up to date knowledge, dedication and passion for his profession, I have a clearer understanding of how to prevent and manage my injuries. I couldn't recommend Des more highly, and those I have sent his way agrees with me wholeheartedly. Besides, it's always a pleasure to see him"

Christina Chong - Actress and Traceuse. http//m.imdb.com/name/nm2925304  


 "As a sports person my body can take quite a beating.. I see regular treatment as integral to my ability to perform into old age at an optimum level within my sport; and I actively recommend Desmond to others".

Tammy Parlour - www.ChangsHapkido.net


"As a professional dancer Desmond's healing hands played a huge part in that journey back to stage"

Lara Turk- First Artist of The Royal Ballet


I have had a number of Physiotherapists treat me over the past decade, none of which have given me the personal approach Desmond has. He has a true passion for the work that he delivers and has tracked my progress week in and week out with photographs and has complied an injury treatment analysis. He is thorougher, an example of extreme professionalism and a wonderful man. If I could give him 6 starts, I would.

Alex Marks - Alex @on.your.marks 


I am so glad to have come across this physiotherapist! Desmond has been invaluable in my recovery from a tibial plateau fracture - the most fantastic guide I could have wished for, with his meticulous step-by-step problem-solution analysis, his clear explanations, his passion for the job, his positive vibe throughout and his genuine, non-stop care for his patients. Five stars are simply not enough!

Tinne Van-Rompaey 

 I was suffering with hip pain and saw Des on a weekly basis for around 3 months. Des helped me to understand my injury and get me back to fitness without any repercussions. Des has great knowledge, humour and makes the sessions really enjoyable. Highly recommended!
Robert Reynolds

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